Congratulations Summer 2023 Researchers!

Congratulations to everyone that participated in Summer 2023 Research!


Pictured L-R: Ally Morin, Diana Lima, Cal Lebak, Kailey Gagne, Dave MacLeod, Sam Darer, Olivia Spokis, Olive Dube, Julia Martin, and Becca Gilchrist


Pictured L-R: Ally Morin, Diana Lima, Cal Lebak, Kailey Gagne, Dave MacLeod, Sam Darer, Olivia Spokis, Olive Dube, Julia Martin, and Becca Gilchrist

Congratulations 2023 Graduates

Congratulations to our spring 2023 graduates Julia Martin, who defended her Ph.D. in April 2023, and undergraduates Emma Pellerin, Abby Berube, and Rebecca Ramthun 2nd Lt. USAF. Additional congratulations to Abby Berube for winning the Provost’s MQP award for outstanding undergraduate research in chemistry. Congratulations all!

Pictured L-to-R: Grimm, Rebecca Gilchrist, Julia Martin Ph.D. ’23, Emma Pellerin B.S. ’23, Abby Berube B.S. ’23, Rebecca Ramthun 2nd Lt. USAF B.S. ’23.

Postdoc wanted!

Postdoc wanted!

The official posting for the postdoc between my group and Prof. Burdette’s lab has posted. The link to apply is:

Feel free to email Prof. Grimm at or Prof. Burdette at with questions, but please do not email application materials to them.  Grimm and Burdette can only consider applications submitted through the Workday portal linked above.

From the posting:


Postdoctoral researcher with Profs. Burdette and Grimm on the synthesis and derivatization of metal organic frameworks for sorption of gas-phase guest molecules.

WPI is a diverse campus of learners passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity. We are looking for candidates who can support our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute invites applications for postdoctoral research for a project between the research groups of Professors Shawn Burdette and Ron Grimm. The project involves material synthesis of metal organic frameworks for sorption of gas-phase guest molecules, as well as organic synthesis for effective capping, trapping, and controlled release of trapped guests. A one-year appointment starts in 2023 with the option for reappointment for a second year.

Applicants must have received a Ph.D. in chemistry prior to the appointment start date. The successful applicant will have a strong background in synthetic chemistry and exposure to materials synthesis and characterization. Interested parties should send a cover letter, undergrad and grad transcripts, curriculum vitae including the names of three references, a letter of recommendation from a current advisor, and a short statement of purpose. The statement of purpose should describe the applicant’s interests and how their background and skills will facilitate project success. All application questions should be directed to Prof. Grimm (

Congratulations Roy!

Roy Stoflet,
more serious
Grimm, Rebecca, Julia,
and Roy, less serious


Congratulations to Roy Stoflet, who successfully defended his Master’s thesis on Thursday, April 21st! Roy has been a part-time student in the group who has been absolutely critical to the growth and characterization of bismuth-based semiconductors. Congratulations again!

Congratulations Julia!

Congratulations Julia Martin on her contribution to a manuscript published in Materials Today!


Bottom-up, scalable synthesis of nanofilament based two-dimensional titanium carbo-oxide flakes.
Hussein Badr, Tarek Elmelegy, Michael Carey, Varun Natu, Mary Qin Hassig, Craig Johnson, Qian Qian, Christopher Li, Kateryna Kushnir, Erika Colin Ulloa, Lyubov Titova, Julia Martin, Ronald Grimm, Rahul Pai, Vibha Kalra, Avishek Karmakar, Anthony Ruffino, Stefan Masiuk, Kun Liang, Michael Naguib, Olivia Wilson, Andrew Magenau, Kiana Montazeri, Yucheng Zhu, Hao Cheng, Takeshi Torita, Masashi Koyanagi, Akimaro Yanagimachi, Thierry Ouisse, Maxime Barbier, Fabrice Wilhelm, Andrei Rogalev, Jonas Björk, Per Persson, Johanna Rosén, Yong-Jie Hu, Michel Barsoum
Mater. Today, 2022, accepted. 10.1016/j.mattod.2021.10.033