At some point in the future, this page is going to contain a full tutorial at the level of an upper-division undergraduate or first-year graduate class in photoelectrochemistry. †In the mean time, please enjoy this stock image of a photoelectrochemical cell.

Ultimately, semiconductor device physics topics
covered will include:

  1. Fermi levels, doping, and density of states, oh my!
  2. Shockley-Reed-Hall recombination.
  3. Band bending, and rectifying vs ohmic contacts.
  4. Charge carrier pathways in the dark and under illumination.
  5. The ideal diode and deviations from ideality.
  6. Metal-oxide-semiconductor junctions and the MOS capacitor.
  7. Behavior of heterojunction semiconductor and Schottky diodes under illumination.

Electrochemistry topic will include:

  1. Ions, dipoles, and the Helmholtz layer, oh, my!
  2. The Marcus-Gerischer model of electron transfer at metal-liquid junctions and semiconductor-liquid junctions.
  3. Open circuit voltage behavior under facile and sluggish kinetics.
  4. Cyclic voltammetry for ascertaining current-voltage behavior
  5. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for Mott-Schottky analysis of built-in voltage and interfacial barrier heights.

Miscellany includes:

  1. The spectroscopic tools available for the analysis of semiconductor-liquid junctions
  2. Surface science of semiconductors both before and after electrochemistry.
  3. Interfacial passivation and oxidative stability of semiconductor surfaces.