21 April 2022 – End of year celebrations with faculty and graduate students. Pictured: Grimm, Rebecca Gilchrist, Julia Martin, and Roy Stoflet.

13 August 2021 – Everyone survived summer research! Bottom picture (L-to-R): Ryan Hanna, Bekah Rothacher, Glori Miranda-Mendez, Nate Keyes, Michelle Frasch, Julia Martin, Emma Pellerin, Abby Berube, and Cal Lebak

2017 Summer Research. Pictured clockwise from bottom left: Valentina Zapata, Ben Drury, Christine Schondek, Maggie Russell, Ken Zelinski, Curtis Doiron, Alex Carl, Grimm, Roghi Kalan, and Maggie Kuck

2015 Winter Brunch. Pictured clockwise from bottom left: Maggie Russell, Ben Drury, Weiran (Sasha) Gao, RLG, Alex Carl, Valentina Zapata, Christine Schondek, Roghi Kalan, Jess Taylor, Clare Masucci, and Chuck Wentzell.

11 July 2014. Summer research at Harvey Mudd College. Pictured (T-to-B): Mikaela Kosich, Joe Sinopoli, Michelle Niu, and Rachel Mow.