Julia L. Martin
Graduate Student
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA

Contact via email:
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Julia completed her B.A. in Chemistry at Assumption College where she studied chemistry. Her current studies at WPI involve probing and quantifying the surface chemistry and physics of 2D layered semiconductors.


Prospects of CO2 capture via 13X for low-carbon hydrogen production using a Pd-based metallic membrane reactor.
Kourosh Kian, Simona Liguoria, Hélène Pilorgé, James M.Crawford, Moises A.Carreon, Julia L. Martin, Ronald L. Grimm, and Jennifer Wilcox
Chem. Eng. J., 2021, 407 , 127224.


Interfacial States, Energetics, and Atmospheric Stability of Large-Grain Antifluorite Cs2TiBr6.
Jocelyn L. Mendes, Weiran Gao, Julia L. Martin, Alexander D. Carl, N. Aaron Deskins, Sergio Granados-Focil, and Ronald L. Grimm
J. Phys. Chem. C, 2020, 124(44), 24289–24297.


Quantification of Surface Reactivity and Step-Selective Etching Chemistry on Single-Crystal BiOI(001).
Julia L. Martin, Roy Stoflet, Alexander D. Carl, Katarina M. Himmelberger, Sergio Granados-Focil, and Ronald L. Grimm
Langmuir, 202036(32), 9343–9355.


Open-Circuit Photovoltage Exceeding 950 mV with an 840 mV Average at Sb2S3–Thianthrene+/0 Junctions Enabled by Thioperylene Anhydride Back Contacts.
Curtis W. Doiron, Nicholas A. Fitzpatrick, Clare P. Masucci, Julia L. Martin, Alexander D. Carl, and Ronald L. Grimm
ACS Omega, 2020, 5, 16875–16884.